SANE Clothing was born from the grumblings of an angry, anti-social guy and his enabling friend who loves to push buttons and watch the fall-out! Tired of nothing but low quality shirts, company names overtaking the art or just wearing band shirts, SANE Clothing began. SANE Clothing works with western Canadian artists to offer ORIGINAL and unique designs on high-quality apparel. SANE Clothing has designs that range from the edgy to the absurd, from the cute to the sinister.

Working with Local Artists and Affiliates.

The mission of SANE Clothing is to promote grassroots artists and their work on as large a scale as possible. Artists working with SANE Clothing are paid for EVERY item that sells with their designs. When you buy from SANE Clothing, you are supporting the artist while getting an original piece of artwork printed on a high quality item. GUARANTEED.

SANE Clothing supports small, local businesses. Items we do not produce ourselves are made by small, independent producers in our area. SANE Clothing is proud to work with a variety of people with a variety of talents.


Giving Back to The Next Generation.

It is important to SANE Clothing to give back to the community. Our choice of giving is to teens in need. Youth Emergency shelters are in need and SANE Clothing is proud to provide monetary and clothing donations. Being a teen with nowhere to turn for basic needs should be unacceptable in our society. Please take the time to look into your local programs and support however you can, be it with time, items or monetarily.

Kaptain Sanity of SANE Clothing
Photo Credit: Rock It Photography

Because it’s SANE.

If you are looking for ORIGINAL designs on high quality apparel, SANE Clothing is the place to shop.