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Kris Schulz is a Canadian guitarist and composer who resides in Vancouver British Columbia.

Over the last decade, Kris has recorded and performed alongside iconic metal musicians such as ‘Gene Hoglan’ and ‘Lee Aaron’.

Kris is currently a proud member of both ‘West Of Hell’ and ‘Cocaine Moustache’.

In addition to ripping it up with his many bands over the years  Kris’ musical spirit shines the brightest when he’s on his own as a solo acoustic guitarist.

His debut solo album ‘While The City Sleeps’ was produced by world renowned guitarist Antoine Dufour and recorded in the picturesque town of L’Assomption Quebec.

Released in early 2016, Its 13 diverse instrumentals take the listener on a reflective and  journey that require no words to weave its deep and personal story.

Kris seamlessly blends his extensive background in Blues, Flamenco and Heavy Metal into a unique musical mosaic while simultaneously adding various forms of hand percussion on the body of his acoustic guitar.



Multi genre bending music on a single acoustic guitar



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