With the intent of bringing together technical thrash metal and gritty
groove riffs, Revenger was born in 2012 through the hands of guitarist
Jean-Pierre Poulin and drummer Chris Warunki. The pair had written music
together before and the combination of their styles and personalities was
a natural experiment.
In March 2014, Revenger debuted in Vancouver to warm reviews. Their first
independent album “To the Wolves” came out in September 2014 with Jordan
Knute (lead guitar), Greg Cavanagh (vocals) and Darryl Greer (bass). In
early 2015, Revenger’s lineup evolved to include Julia Geaman (drums) and
Andrew Bailey (vocals). The following year was largely focused on
woodshedding, playing local and regional shows/festivals alongside
renowned bands such as Havok, Beyond Creation, Archspire, Tengger
Cavalry, Stryker and Unleash the Archers.
2016 saw the introduction of Sean Parkinson on guitar (replacing Jordan
Knute), and the interesting switch from guitar to bass for founder and
main song writer JP Poulin. Ending the year with a 5 song EP written and
ready to be recorded in early 2017, Revenger is ready to tour extensively
and work tirelessly to get their music out to the world.





Revenger's Work