We are proud to announce Canadian-based bands as part of the SANE family! Here’s a personal message from Kaptain Sanity himself:


“Over the last 5 years, I have spent a lot of time travelling to many different kinds of shows and events to try to introduce and build our brand of Canadiana.  In that time I have met many incredible people and have seen many incredible Canadian acts.  Kris Schulz would be at the top of both those lists. I have had the privilege of seeing his solo tours, tours with other musicians and his bands. His musical talent always makes me stop and listen.  As much of a fan as I am of of his music, I am even more of a fan of the man himself.  I have never heard anything come out of his mouth that isn’t positive and building someone or something up. Please take a few minutes to give him a listen and support one of Canada’s best representatives.”


Every few weeks we will be highlighting musicians that join our family to feature their work. You can find all of our bands at saneclothing.com. The first musician we would like to highlight is Kris Schulz and his latest work While the City Sleeps. Kris Schulz is a Canadian guitarist and composer who resides in Vancouver British Columbia.

Over the last decade, Kris has recorded and performed alongside iconic metal musicians such as ‘Gene Hoglan’ and ‘Lee Aaron’.  Kris is currently a proud member of both ‘West Of Hell’ and ‘Cocaine Moustache’.

If you are interested in having your act on our page, please contact for info.

Kris Schulz